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BIOFA is a supplier of natural paints.

Floatline Lino-Klick is a company specialized in linoleum floor covering.

Hoppediz specializes in the sale of clothes and accessories for babies and their parents.

Under the initiative of Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development, this website is in line with a promotion campaign for organic farming in the European Union.

Europ-labo is a company specialized among others in the sale of organic cleaning products.

Agence Bio delivers the certification Agriculture Biologique (Organic farming, AB logo).

Max Havelaar France Max Havelaar is an association of international solidarity which represents the international movement Fairtrade.

Les jardins de Gaïa is the leader of organic tea on the european market.

Nature et Harmonie is a supplier of natural paints.

Thermo-chanvre is a company specialized in hemp insulation.

Biaugerme is a group of organic seeds producers.

Papirralp is a microenterprise in the region Rhônes-Alpes which produces recycled paper.

Terre Vivante is a publisher of books about ecology.

Idéo sells clothes in organic cotton.

Lulu Nature is specialized in the sale of hemp clothes and accessories for babies and their parents.

Les « Échos du Chanvre » is a weekly magazine which publication was stopped in 2002, informing a wise readership about history and traditions in the industries of fabric, construction, food, cosmetics, etc., therapeutical uses, significant articles traductions, etc.

Weleda laboratories create medicine, cosmetics and health food which respect men and the environment. See also Weleda baby products.

Wold Fairtrade Organization is a global authority on Fair Trade.

ECOCERT is a control and certification organization.

Control Union is an international group of societies, specialized in independent inspection of goods, supervision and certification.

InfoComm, which belongs to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), gives interesting information about organic cotton.

HempAge is an enterprise selling clothes made in hemp and organic cotton.

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