Notion 25
Term Spinning
Field Hemp treatment
Pronunciation spi'niŋ
Etymology From Middle English spinnen, and Old English spinnan
Definition During spinning, hemp fibres are twisted together to form yarn. Harls are spun with a Z-twist, creating a strong thread. Hemp is a smooth fibre, so it is hard to spin. Spinning is made in winter, by hand or by using a spinning wheel.
  • The hemp spins into a strong yarn that gets better with use.
  • Jefferson later abandoned his cultivation and spinning of hemp because he felt it was too hard on his slaves.
  • About the year 1824, the plaintiff claimed to have found out and invented a new and improved machinery for preparing and spinning flax, hemp, and other fibrous substances, by power.
Phraseology "Spinning" is often preceded by the name of the fiber (hemp spinning, flaw spinning). It can be followed by a group explaining the way of spinning (on a wheel, with a hand spindle).
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