Notion 23
Term Scutching
Field Hemp treatment
Pronunciation 'skəchiŋ
Etymology Obsolete French escoucher, from Anglo-Norman escucher, from Vulgar Latin *excuticare, frequentative of Latin excutere, to shake out
Definition Scutching is the process that happens after breaking: hemp stalks are beaten to separate the fiber from the stalk, in order to make harl, with a length up to 70 or 80 cm.
  • A machine was invented for scutching hemp which could process three tons of hemp an hour.
  • Hemp requires much less scutching than flax.
  • These machines did very satisfactory work and were the means of lowering, considerably, the cost of scutching hemp at this point.
Phraseology "Scutching" is often preceded by the name of the fiber (hemp scutching, flaw scutching).
Spanish equivalent
Teillage or tillage

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