Notion 6
Term Pantagruelion
Field Fibre plant
Etymology From the name "Pantagruel", in François Rabelais' work
Definition In the Middle Ages, Rabelais invented the term Pantagruelion, or Pantagruelion herb, in his book "Pantagruel" to refer to a miraculous herb. Rabelais actually praised common hemp, which is revealed in the Fifth Book. He described the anatomy and the familiar applications of hemp seed and fibre.
  • Without pantagruelion, millers could not carry wheat to their mills, or bring back flour.
  • The Herb Pantagruelion in September, under the Autumnal Equinox, is dressed and prepared several ways, according to the various Fancies of the People, and Diversity of the Climates wherein it groweth.
  • The virtues of the herb Pantagruelion must assuredly have been known to this good Buddhist abbot.
Phraseology This term, replacing the substantive "hemp", can be used as a substantive (the pantagruelion) or as an adjective (pantagruelion herb).
Spanish equivalent

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