Hemp seed oil

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Term Hemp seed oil or hemp oil
Field Hemp products
Definition Hemp seed oil is a green or dark brow viscous liquid, when unrefined. It is coldpressed and then stored in a cool and dark place in opaque bottles, to avoid oxidation.
It contains 8% of saturated fatty acids and 80% of polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid, vitamin F...). With this perfect balance in polyunsaturated fatty acid, and its nutritional composition, Hemp oil is used in skin care, but also in food. Hemp oil extract can also be used as an ingredient in nontoxic, biodegradable inks, paints, and varnishes.
The inventor of the diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel, used hemp oil to power his new engine (1892) and nowadays, some biofuels are made from hemp oil.
  • Hemp seed oil is probably the best balanced of all the oils on the market .
  • It costs just pennies to refine Hemp oil into Hemp fuel.
  • The commanding officer of the company said that these people had eaten potato with hemp oil bought from a Korean.
Phraseology "Hemp seed oil" can be characterized with an adjective : refined or unrefined hemp seed oil.
Spanish equivalent
Huile de chanvre
Aceite de cáñamo

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