Notion 11
Term Monoecious
Field Plant
Pronunciation mə-'nē -shəs, mä-
Etymology From Greek mon- + oikos house
Definition A monoecious plant has the male and female reproductive organs borne on separate individuals of the same species. The plants are sexually distinct.
Monoecism occurs infrequently in hemp populations, but their incorporation and stabilization have been made, in order to solve two of the plant's critical problems: low seed yield and uneven maturation of the sexes.
Monoecious hemp varieties require yearly selection to prevent the increasing return of separate male and female plants.
  • In all cases the monoecious form appeared to be completely dominant, the fruit- producing flowers being always pistillate.
  • The nutmeg tree is monoecious as well as dioecious, but no means of discovering the sexes before the period of inflorescence are as yet known.
  • Originally a dioecious plant, hemp also exists as a monoecious form.
  • Hemp breeders have developed monoecious plants with both female and male flowers .
Phraseology "Monoecious" is used to describe plants, flower or trees.
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