Kief, Kef, Keef or Kif

Notion 4
Term Kief, Kef, Keef or kif
Field Plant - Narcotic
Pronunciation 'kēf, 'kāf
Etymology From Arabic "kaif" lit. "mood"
Definition Kief is a smoking mixture composed of the powder made from resin glands that have been sifted or rubbed or fallen from the buds and leaves of the Cannabis plant, mixed with chopped tobacco. The powder actually consists of an accumulation of the THC crystals coming from the cannabis plant.
  • I used to sit for hours, leaving only when the fumes of the keef, involuntarily inhaled, warned me by a slight, feverish exhilaration, to seek the air of the street.
  • We also passed many terraced fields devoted to kif cultivation.
  • Kief boxes are for making and collecting kief.
  • The air was heavy with kief smoke and the perfume of Moorish incense.
Phraseology "Kief" is often used in association with other substantives to refer to the material used to smoke kief (kief-box, kief-pipe).
Spanish equivalent
Kief or kif
Quif or kif

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