Notion 12
Term Hempseed
Field Hemp compound
Pronunciation 'sēd
Etymology Middle English, from Old English sœd; akin to Old High German sat seed, Old English sawan to sow
Definition Hempseed is in fact the fruit of hemp. It is a tiny nut covered by a hard shell. Whole hemp seed contains approximately 25-30% protein and 35% fatty acids.
They have the most concentrated balance of proteins and essential fats .
No other single source of oil offers a more favorable human dietary balance of proteins and fatty acids.
Most of the times, they are cooked after germination, and are used for bird seed or fish bait, and to male hemp oil seed.
  • In the Ukraine's hemp growing regions, ancient hemp seed recipes are still shared.
  • "Hemp-seed, I saw thee; hemp-seed, I saw thee, and him that is to be my true love, come after me and pour thee". (Robert Burns)
  • The pulp of the hemp seed may appear sound and fresh, and still it may not sprout .
Phraseology "Hempseed" can be used in a prepositional group to define products using hempseed ( food products, hemp seed oil )
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