Notion 19
Term Hempcrete
Field Hemp products
Pronunciation 'hemp-'krēt
Etymology Composed of the words "hemp" and "concrete"
Definition Hempcrete is a material for construction and insulation (for wooden framed houses).
Hemp hurds are mixed with lime to create a substance which hardens like concrete. Proportions are different depending on the use: roof insulation, wall construction and insulation, floor screeding, renders and plasters.
As a breathable material, it regulates humidity levels well, avoiding dampness and condensation problems. Moreover, it is an ecologic alternative since hemp cultivation does not create any harmful effect on the environment because it does not need any fertilizer, or just a few, for its growth.
  • A sixth century hemp-reinforced bridge in France is testimony to the stonelike strength and durability of this material, which has come to be known as "hempcrete".
  • The embodied energy of hempcrete therefore is dependent mainly on the binder used.
  • Hempcrete is billed as an eco-friendly alternative to concrete.
Phraseology Hempcrete can be used to define another substantive : hempcrete block.
Spanish equivalent
Béton de chanvre
Hormigón de cáñamo

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