Hemp field

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Term Hemp field
Field Cultivation
Definition A hemp-field is an area sowed with hempseeds, it is a field where hemp is cultivated.
The soil must be well drained, rich in nitrogen and calcium, and non-acidic. Hemp seeds are often sowed in March/April.
There are two main periods for hemp need in water : June for stalk growth and August for the of fruits. Harvest of hemp happens in September.
  • "Go straight along the back of the cottages, past our threshing floor, my dear, and then across the hemp field."
  • From sowing the seed early in May, till the latter end of August, the farmer need not look at his hemp field, and even afterwards, so that his task will not be very arduous.
  • A hemp - field, especially in a southern climate, when the hot rays of the sun are acting upon it, has a peculiar odor.
Phraseology "Hemp field" can be preceded by an adjective insisting on its legality (legal hemp field, industrial hemp field).
Spanish equivalent
Chènevière or Canebière

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