Hemp fibre

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Term Hemp fibre
Field Hemp compound
Pronunciation 'fī -bər
Etymology Middle French fibre, from Latin fibra
Definition Hemp fibres are contained around the hollow, woody core of the hemp stalk. They are long, strong fibres that excels in durability, absorbency, antimildew and have antimicrobial properties. Total fiber content is approximately 25-33% of the stem dry matter, depending on the variety.
Hemp fibre contains no measurable amounts of THC.
Once a hemp crop has matured and been harvested, hemp primary fibers are separated from the hemp stalk through the "retting" process. When the retting process is complete, the fibers are readily separated from the core, and processed for specific products. Formerly, they were used to make ropes and sails. Nowadays, they are used to produce paper, automotive composite products, and it can also be used for house insulation.
  • Hemp fibre is the strongest natural fibre known to man and is reputedly stronger, weight for weight, than steel.
  • To some extent the hemp fibre has been spun in Great Britain (...), for the purposes of linen.
  • Throughout history Cannabis has been used to produce hemp fibre for rope and fabric (plant stems), food and oil (plant seeds) and as an intoxicant (plant flowers and leaves)
Phraseology "Hemp fibre" can be characterized by an adjective, specifying how it was realized (handmade hemp fiber, organic hemp fiber).
Spanish equivalent
Fibre de chanvre
Fibra de cáñamo

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