Hemp dust

Notion 18
Term Hemp dust or hemp powder
Field Hemp products
Definition Powder is one constituent of straw: it corresponds primarily to the binding materials that ensured the cohesion of the stem: It accounts for approximately 20 % of the weight of straw, and is composed of fibrils, particles of woody core fibre and inorganic material. It is extracted by suction of the fibres and hurds throughout the defibration.
When used in its raw state, it has a strong absorptive capacity that makes it an excellent litter for cows, or an interesting complement for the preparation of organic soil conditioners.
In its powder form, it can be pelletized to make cat litters.
  • Hemp powder and the pellets are exclusively produced using mechanical means. Hemp litter for cats is thus free from any chemical.
  • The cellulosic dust from the hemp plant is graded and further cleaned to remove the mineral component.
Phraseology This term is often used with substantives related to health (exposure, effect).
Spanish equivalent
Poudre ou poussière de chanvre
Polvo de cáñamo

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