Notion 10
Term Dioecious
Field Plant
Pronunciation dī -'ē-shəs
Etymology From Greek di- + oikos house
Definition A dioecious plant has unisexual reproductive organs or flowers, with the organs or flowers of both sexes borne on a single plan. The dioecious trait is the natural condition for hemp.
  • At least theoretically, it should be more difficult for dioecious species to colonize a remote island, given the apparent need to have both sexes present for success.
  • In dioecious plants such as hop, spinach and asparagus, cross-pollination can only occur between flowers on different plants.
  • In comparison with the more commonly found populations of hermaphrodic molluscs, dioecious populations offer further opportunities for variations in reproductive strategies and resources partitioning.
Phraseology "Dioecious" is used to describe plants, flower or trees.
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