Notion 24
Term Combing
Field Hemp treatment
Pronunciation 'komiŋ
Etymology From Middle English, from Old English camb; akin to Old High German kamb comb, Greek gomphos tooth
Definition During combing, hemp fiber are prepared, with a carding comb: it is a sturdy instrument with one or two rows of metal teeth, each a few inches in length. Combing the fibres removes the short ones and arranges them in a flat bundle, with all of them going the same direction.
  • They say that they suffer more from combing flax than hemp, perhaps because its dust is finer and enters the respiratory organs more easily.
  • This quality textile grade hemp fibre for handspinning has been combed.
  • Combed hemp is in the form of threads, which are used for cordage of the highest quality.
Phraseology "Combing" is often preceded by the name of the fiber (hemp combing, flaw combing).
Spanish equivalent

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