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All our products certified Organic

Hemp seeds 500 g

Hemp seeds constitute the precious supplement for a balanced diet. They may be added in whole or ground to almost every dish, e.g. muesli, bread, pastries and biscuits, or burgers or simply eaten as finger food. Each seed provides all essential unsaturated fatty acids and all the essential and non-essential amino acids. Hemp seeds have a savory hazelnut taste, are a source of benefits and constitute a healthy diet. When they are lightly roasted their hazelnut taste is stronger.

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Shelled hemp seeds 150 g

The seeds are mechanically shelled, while making sure to preserve both the precious hemp seed oil with its unsaturated fatty acids, and the important proteins with all essentials amino acids. Shelled hemp seeds can be added to muesli, bread, pastries or biscuits and practically every dish. They are also a nice decoration for salads and vegetables meals. Their savory hazelnut taste, when they are lightly roasted, adds a unique touch to many dishes.

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Heep seed oil 250 ml - 500 ml - capsules

The cold-pressed hemp oil is produced from selected varieties of hemp. It has a typical hazelnut aroma and a nice savory taste. The oil is famous for its high content in unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic, linoleic, and linolenic acid as well as gammalinolenic acid (omega 6) that are present in a unique composition of hemp oil among all oil plants and best for human nutrition. It is free from cholesterol and supports both cell metabolism and the immune system. It is a must for a healthy and complete diet. This oil is not suitable for cooking.

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Hemp flour 500 g

The flour produced from hemp seeds is suitable for both baking and cooking. It adds its pleasant hazelnut taste, to almost all foods and supplies important proteins and mineral salts. The hemp flour is also gluten free. For baking replace 10-15% of the cereal flour with hemp flour and work the dough as usual. Hemp flour also offers a healthy and tasty alternative for thickening soups or sauces.

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Hemp Bread Mix 500 g

A complete bread mix with certified organic food quality, refined with hemp flour and shelled hemp seeds. Also suitable for electric baking machines.

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Hemp burger mix 200 g

This hemp burger mix contains ground chickpeas, hemp flour, and spices. The high content of nutritious vegetable proteins of the hemp burger contributes to a whole foods vegan of vegetarian diet. To easily prepare burgers, falafels or crepes.

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Roasted hemp seeds: sweet, salty, spicy, cappuccino 100 g

Roasted hemp seeds deliciously flavored with cane sugar, cinnamon and Bourbon vanilla (sweet), sea salt (salty), salt and spices (spicy), cocoa, coffee and vanilla (Cappuccino). This is a tasty and healthy finger food. The perfect snack for a break, or with friends.

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Hemp pasta - Spaghetti - 250 g

These pastas are made from hard wheat granules and hemp flour. They have a subtle hazelnut flavor and are rich in proteins and other vital nutriments. They are egg-free.

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Dark and milk chocolate with hemp seeds 100 g

Chocolate enriched with shelled and roasted hemp seeds. A fine mix for your palate, with an exquisite hemp taste.

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Les Jardins de Gaïa

With 15 years of experience, les Jardins de Gaïa (Gardens of Gaïa) offers a range of organic teas and herbal teas always more beautiful and developed. The company has also developed a tendency to prefer some gardens and areas in order to offer top-quality teas and herbal teas. Les Jardins de Gaïa achieved in pointing out the organic tea merits and positives effects on the body and the soul. Fair trade is also part of the company's activity.

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