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Weleda Baby

Since 1921, the Weleda laboratories developed not only high quality bio cosmetics in accordance with nature and human beings but also an integration within a human organization closely united (doctors, pharmacists, contributors and patients.)

The Weleda Baby products are designed more particularly for the babies and their mother's welfare and authentic natural care. They are mainly made of biodynamic, organic and wild plants, but also of 100% vegetable oils extracted without the use of solvents and natural essential oils distilled according to traditional processes. All Weleda products are produced without mineral oil, silicone and synthetic additive such as conservatives (parabens), coloring agents or perfumes. Weleda products are not tested on animals. Their packaging are in recyclable materials such as glass, cardboard or PET. The company is encouraged by a concern of transparency toward the consumer, all the product's ingredients are mentioned in English on each packaging and instructions.

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Hemp based cosmetics

The natural cosmetics that we offer in the shop are produced with Organic hemp oil and are guaranteed preservative-free, 100% biodegradable and not tested on animals.

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