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History, purpose and ethics of the Can'Art shop

Our business was founded in 1999. Its aim is to encourage the use of ecological alternatives.

As soon as we opened the shop, we decided to promote every possible ecological alternative. That is how we began with the "multi-alternative" plant: hemp, through the promotion of its numerous by-products (food, clothes, cosmetics...).

"Eco"-logically, we have renovated our shop with natural paints and floor coverings, and we have laid it out with furniture made in recycled wood.

So naturally, we have quickly expanded our hemp product range with natural paint, natural insulation, organic gardening products, cleaning products, books... Thus, we have specialized in eco-housing.

Our aim is quite an easy one: we follow principles of respect for men and the environment through the use of natural and reusable resources, organic farming and fair trade. Indeed, every product we sell comes from organic farming (food and cosmetics made from hemp, hemp or organic cotton clothes) or contains natural components (paint, fertilizer...) and comes mostly from fair trade in distant countries. Moreover, still for the sake of ecology, we try as much as possible to encourage local trade by working with furnishers from Alsace or adjacent areas in Germany.

We hope that you will find like us that it is essential to turn toward alternatives which respect men and the environment for your food, your body and your home, and we wish you a nice ecological browsing.

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